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Weather: Payerne
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Local forecast for Payerne (Updated 20.10. 23:10)

Weather diagram

Weather for the next few days (Updated 20.10. 21:20)

Today Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
very cloudy, some rain
partly cloudy
bright spells, some rain showers
mostly sunny
partly sunny
mostly sunny


Depuis les Moulins de Payerne
Depuis les Moulins de Payerne

Current Observation (Updated 20.10. 22:30)

Water temperature
Broye 13.9 °C
Station: Payerne, 490 m above sea level
Temperature 15.2 °C
Sunshine 0 of 10 min
Precipitation 1 mm/h
Wind speed 6 km/h
Wind direction SSE
Wind gusts 9 km/h
Relative humidity 96%
Pressure 961 hPa
Distance to Payerne 1.2 km