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Weather: Santa Maria in Calanca (GR)
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Currently showing: Santa Maria in Calanca (GR)

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Santa Maria in Calanca (GR)
Santa Maria Val Müstair (GR)

Local forecast for Santa Maria in Calanca (GR) (Updated 21.9. 00:00)

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Weather for the next few days (Updated 20.9. 22:30)

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cloudy, some rain showers
mostly sunny


Grono scuola La Monda
Grono scuola La Monda

Current Observation (Updated 20.9. 23:20)

Station: Magadino / Cadenazzo, 203 m above sea level
Temperature 16.7 °C
Sunshine 0 of 10 min
Precipitation 0 mm/h
Wind speed 2 km/h
Wind direction NNW
Wind gusts 4 km/h
Relative humidity 98%
Pressure 993 hPa
Distance to Santa Maria in Calanca (GR) 21.6 km