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Weather: Uznach
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Local forecast for Uznach (Updated 16.4. 06:10)

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Weather for the next few days (Updated 16.4. 05:10)

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cloudy, some rain showers
cloudy, some rain showers
bright spells, some rain showers
bright spells, some rain showers

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In Switzerland, the weather varies greatly from region to region. A good weather forecast must take into account numerous local features. Conventional weather models are not enough. Therefore, we rely on the forecasts of the national weather service MeteoSwiss.
We combine current radar measurements (every 5 minutes), forecasts for the next 4 hours (calculated every 10 minutes) and a highly detailed model for the next 24 hours. So that we can offer you the most reliable forecasts at any time.

Current Observation (Updated 16.4. 05:40)

Station: Hörnli, 1132 m above sea level
Temperature -2.4 °C
Sunshine 0 of 10 min
Precipitation 0 mm/h
Wind speed 17 km/h
Wind direction ENE
Wind gusts 28 km/h
Relative humidity 85%
Pressure 893 hPa
Distance to Uznach 16.6 km