Current Observation

Station: Pully, 455 m above sea level

Temperature 12.3 °C
Sunshine 0 of 10 min
Precipitation 0 mm/h
Wind speed 4 km/h
Wind direction WNW
Wind gusts 10 km/h
Relative humidity 93%
Pressure 949 hPa
Altitude difference to 1094 Paudex (383 m.a.s.l.) 72 m
Distance 0.7 km

Weather animations


Weather diagram
  • TodayEarly in the morning showers with longer dry intervals. In the forenoon showers. In the afternoon mostly dry, around 18 o'clock showers. Late in the evening showers. Temperatures around 14 degrees.


  • SatAll day mostly dry, between 7 and 15 o'clock showers. In the evening rain. Temperatures at night 13, in the afternoon 17 degrees.


  • SunIn the first half of the day very cloudy, rain. In the second half of the day partly sunny. Temperatures around 16 degrees.


  • MonFirst heavy cloud formations, from 7 o'clock showers. Temperatures between 13 and 18 degrees.


  • TueAt night very cloudy. In the first half of the day rain. Early forenoon very cloudy. In the early afternoon around 14 o'clock strong showers. Temperatures around 15 degrees.